Thursday, February 12, 2009


Women send pink underwear to Pramod Mutalik But will it suit him, do you think? By Subhankar Kundu Indian youths have found a unique way to express their anger against what they see as moral bullying from Sri Ram Sena and its leader Pramod Mutalik. In a fitting reply to Pramod Mutalik’s disturbing anti-Valentine’s day remarks, the blog is urging people to gift them with cartloads of pink underwear. The Pink Chaddi Campaign was kicked off on 5 February to protest against the Sena’s warning against celebrating Valentine’s Day and the attacks on women in Mangalore. It started off online among members of a social networking group but now, people out on the streets are joining in. A "consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women", still seething from Pramod Mutalik’s lecture, will collect chaddis from across the country and courier them to the Sri Rama Sena’s Bangalore office by V-Day. This is the revenge of the urban woman, the pink undergarment her symbol of annoyance. A magazine journalist, Nisha Susan, started the blog with the idea that it could be a forum for people to express their anger over the group’s notorious activities. Nisha said, "On Thursday, I had an impulse that we should do something. I planned this campaign and posted it on the blog." Nisha claims that there are around 1,700 posts from every corner of the world, including small towns and Indian metros. These posts came in across all age groups, from six-year-old to senior citizens, and a lot of men too. Nisha says, "They are not fools. They are political manipulators and we should give them what they deserve." She fears that if Ram Sena’s activities are ignored, more political groups will hijack the issue and try to control women’s freedom. The campaigners do not specify if the undergarment should be new, but people interested can drop ‘pink chaddis’ at the collection box. The blog says, "Look in your closet or buy them cheap. Dirt-cheap. Make sure they are PINK. Send them off to the Sena."

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